Thesis: Searching for Persistence

     Searching for Persistence is the summation of a series of investigations that explore how mathematics can give structure to complex information using concepts from Topology. The discipline of Topology is focused on the study of geometric properties and spatial relationships that are unaffected by continuous change or deformation. In other words, the study of persistence. The digital kinetic forms generated throughout this research project are the manifestation of a new synthesis of methodologies for visualization that combines mathematics, art, and technology. Due to the current circumstances, this project has taken the form of a web "book".

     One of the driving questions behind this project is how current mathematical tools be incorporated into a design-centered process. Traditionally mathematics is presented in a standardized, uninspiring, and contextless manner which negatively affects the foundation of our relationship with the subject. When entering design or art school many assume that mathematics is a subject they will never have to approach again. This project sheds light on the exciting nature of applied mathematics when presented in a more creative context. It offers an example of how you can expand or enhance your practice through the incorporation of mathematics.


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