Alyssa Joines + Lizette Ayala

This project, done in collaboration with Lizette Ayala, is a proposal for an installation on the subway platform of the (A,C,E) at Fulton Street Station. With the goal of making the subway experience less stressful, we were inspired to incorporate imagery resembling water after research into the theories proposed in the book Blue Mind by Wallace J NicholsIn this book, he presents many studies that show the effectiveness of water and blue light in improving moods, reducing stress, and enhancing cognition. 


To accomplish this we proposed six interactive screens, each with procedurally generated graphics which we prototyped in Processing. When a user touches the screen it sends a ripple from the touchpoint throughout the screens. This would be accompanied by vibration and the sound of a drop falling into the water.

Below are our final prototype, graphics from our pitch deck, and renderings.